City of Blackfoot Sewer Department

About Sewer Department

Plant Design

The City of Blackfoot Treatment Plant is designed to treat 3.2 MGD with a peak flow of 5.1 MGD. Our average volume treated in 2014 was 1.65 million gallons. Conveying the wastewater to the plant is 74 miles of pipes. On a daily basis the treatment plant removes 99% percent of BOD, 97% of TSS, and 90% of Phosphorus. The plant is located at 2025 Riverton Road in Blackfoot. A facility plan conducted in October 2013 details the facilities current shortcomings as well as future upgrades. You can read the facility plan by clicking here.


Sewer Department City Code

There are two main sections of the Blackfoot City Code that pertain to Sewer Department operations. They are Section 9 Chapters 3 and 4. Chapter 3 is the Sewer Use Ordinance and Chapter 4 is the Pretreatment Section. Click here to view them. (Note: You may need to download Adobe Reader to view .pdf files.)

Department Staff

Fourteen men and women are employed by the Sewer Department. There are four plant operators, four collection system operators, two maintenance people, one pretreatment coordinator, one lab manager, one lab technician, and the Superintendent.


Our lab works to ensure that the plant processes are monitored, that the effluent is within permitted limits, and samples brought in from outside the plant. Some of the procedures used in the laboratory are: BOD5, COD, TSS, pH, Total Phosphorus, Total Ammonia, among others. The lab is managed by one Lab Manager, who works five days a week.


The City’s Pretreatment program was approved in 1986 by the USEPA. The Pretreatment program aims to help ensure that the wastes generated in the City are safe for the collection system, workers, and is within a treatable range for the treatment plants processes. This is accomplished by inspection, monitoring, and educating industry, businesses, and residents of their role in protecting our waterways.

NPDES Permit

The City of Blackfoot operated under a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. Renewed every 5 years, this permit sets the operational and environmental standards the Treatment Plant must adhere to. The City is operating under permit number ID-002004-4, effective date September 1, 2013. A copy can be found here.